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N.i.X Injector tool allow you to obtain 356 ML skins for free. N.i.X Injector tool allow you to obtain 356 ML skins for free.
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NIX Injector Review:

Because of its distinctive features, Mobile Legends is a top-flight game. Some of its features include 5v5 MOBA, a large selection of playable characters with hundreds of outfits, and simple controls. In addition, vibrant visuals and captivating settings keep gamers interested for hours. That explains why its fan base is growing every day. This tutorial will familiarize you with the injector app that controls the game. Indeed, with the N.i.X Injector.

Would the N.i.X Injector tool allow you to obtain 356 ML skins for free? It unquestionably produces dozens of other products. The fantastic App designed just for MLBB fans is now available for download. Moreover, it has many features in common with the ZPatcher Injector and YS Patcher.

Imagine what would happen if there were a lot of high-end things available. In fact, after taking out every player in Mobile Legends, the gamer achieves an unbeatable win. N.i.X Injector is doable since all its components are your true allies. We are sure of that because we have seen the growing trend of these apps. In this multiplayer combat, even novices could prevail. As such, you ought to seize this opportunity. You’ll get more defence, support, and eventually the win from it.

Features of N.i.X Injector:

When they open the menu, everyone is in awe. However, the reality is that the N.i.X Injector app is unimaginable.

Unlock Skin

Approximately 356 of the 446 official ML skins are in your approach without requiring any action. It truly is unbelievable. However, after you use the injector, you can confirm this assertion. The main groups include Tank, Support, Fighter, Assassin, and Mage.

Unlock Effects

Beyond our expectations, it astonishes the ML participants subsequently.

  • Unlock Recall: Enjoy 12 Recall Effects, like M1 Glory, Christmas, Zodiac, etc.
  •  Unlock Respawn: Unlock 10 Respawns such as Descent, M1 Evos, and others.
  •  Elimination: You will get 11 Eliminations, including K.O., Zing, RIP, etc.

Drone View

Similarly, it benefits from a drone that can be modified up to six times. It also functions well on Celestial & Western.

Battle Effects

You are mistaken if you believe the N.i.X Injector APK’s features are no longer available. Examine the bullets that follow.

  • Unlock Emote: Unlock 10 Emotes, e.g., I am Scary, RRQ Hoshi, and many more.
  •    Analog Unlock: Likewise, 10 Analogs are at hand.
  •    Unlock Map: Without a doubt, there are ten usable maps under the names Magic Chess, Celestial Palace, Western Place, and Imperial Sanctuary. It has excellent, fluid graphics.


Here, three groups are most eminent.

  • Background: Also, multiple free background views for:
  1. Loading Screen
  2.    Lobby
  3.    Profile
  • Music: Take free background music, such as Blue Bird, Fearless, etc.
  •    Intro: Lastly, 9+ choices will make your day.

Nix Injector iOS

A third-party app called Nix Injector is frequently connected to mobile titles like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Its purpose is to change or improve gameplay by giving users access to features not usually present in the original game. These features could include new characters, personalized skins, or other components that change the gameplay. Since iOS is a closed ecosystem and Apple has strict app regulations, using such third-party apps can be more difficult for iOS users than Android users.

Installing Apps from sources other than the App Store is not easy on iOS. As a result, to establish an App like Nix Injector iOS, one must frequently use workarounds like jailbreaking the device, which entails eliminating iOS-imposed App limitations. Although installing Apps from unapproved sources is made possible by jailbreaking, there are serious hazards involved as well:

  1. Security Vulnerabilities: An iPhone that has been jailbroken is susceptible to many security threats since it gets around Apple’s security protocols.
  2.   Instability: Jailbroken devices run a higher risk of being unstable, freezing, crashing, and losing data.
  3.   Voided Warranty: Users are left without support for any issues due to Apple’s warranty not covering any damages caused by jailbreaking.
  4.   Update Issues: Updating an iPhone that has been jailbroken can be tricky because it frequently results in the device bricking or the jailbreak being lost.
  5.   Ethical and Legal ConcernsIt: It is unethical to utilize Apps like Nix Injector since they change the intended gameplay and give users an unfair advantage. Additionally, it can be against the game’s terms of service, which could result in account bans.

Users should consider these hazards and the advantages of using these technologies. Furthermore, because software and apps are dynamic, staying current on the latest changes is essential because the capabilities and hazards connected with tools like Nix Injector might change over time.

N.i.X Injector Password?

Above all, a password is required to access the application. Remember the provided code when you download this injector from this page—it’s crucial.

Password: No Password in v1.91


We have not encountered an all-in-one or cosmic tool like this for MLBB. In actuality, the N.i.X Injector is complete. A wise player would never overlook such a work of art. So, make the most of this opportunity and win quickly.

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How to install N.i.X Injector APK?

1. Tap the downloaded N.i.X Injector APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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